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U.S. farming has hopeful economic future

Many large and small commercial farm operators in the U.S. and worldwide are struggling to make ends meet currently.

  • icon Posted: March 24

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Friday 03/17/2017
Health care debate affects rural residents
Posted: March 17, 2017

The U.S. Congress is currently debating whether to repeal the Affordable Care Act and start over with new legislation or to fix the shortcomings of the ACA while continuing its useful parts.

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Friday 03/10/2017
A high and scary point in life
Posted: March 10, 2017

On July 24, 1972, Marilyn and I reached a high point in our lives. It was also one of our most dangerous days ever.

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Friday 03/03/2017
Silence, seldom experienced, helps people in search for peace, insight
Posted: March 03, 2017

A thoughtful friend who is moving on determinedly after her farmer-husband died of suicide several years ago told me recently how moments of contemplative silence speak loudly to her about her life’s purposes. “Silence,” she said, “offers us teachable moments.”

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Friday 02/24/2017
Practical considerations to manage financial stress
Posted: February 24, 2017

A January 2017 article entitled “Getting Ready for Farm Loan Renewal” by Tina Barrett in the University of Nebraska Crop Watch publication prompted me to write today’s addition to the ongoing Farm and Ranch Life series about how current farm financial stress affects agricultural producers and what we can do to work our way through difficult times.

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Friday 02/17/2017
Current farm economy may trigger distress
Posted: February 17, 2017

Farm economists and lenders last October estimated about 20 percent of farmers would have difficulty paying annual farm operating and/or long-term loan obligations which are due this year. The emails and phone calls I have received lately bear out their estimates.

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Friday 02/10/2017
Economic uncertainties contribute to farm anxiety
Posted: February 10, 2017

During the past two weeks, I received four requests for assistance with farm economic uncertainty. Two inquiries came from farmers with grave concerns about their financial situations; another came from a Farm Service Agency loan officer, and one came from a farm business accountant.

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Friday 02/03/2017
Cattle, humans share historic benefits
Posted: February 03, 2017

Cattle have contributed to the survival of humans for many thousands of years, initially as animals our hunter-gatherer ancestors pursued for food, tools and leather and which farmers raised for the past 10,000 years or so as livestock for meat, milk and as draft animals.

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Friday 01/27/2017
Love for cattle lingers after herd is gone
Posted: January 27, 2017

Raising cattle was one of the best parts of farming for me. In particular I enjoyed producing and contributing to high-quality beef animals in our registered Simmental herd for quite a few years, but not for as many years as I would have liked.

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