Not much rain as early crops show maturation

2017-09-07T08:00:00Z Not much rain as early crops show maturation Illinois Farmer Today
September 07, 2017 8:00 am

Northwest: Ross Mogler

Things are going well. We’ve had no rain this week but had a lot of heavy dew because of low night-time temperatures. The mild weather is also keeping the crop from moving along as quickly as we would like, but it’s good weather to fill out corn ears. Soybeans should start turning next week. Most are getting their fourth cutting of alfalfa done, and big dairies are chopping silage.

North Central: Andy Hill

It continues to be cool. We have even had some morning fog. I would estimate that we are at least a week and a half behind normal. The crops appear to be holding up. Some of the corn is starting to dent. I’ve seen a little fleck of yellow in the soybeans that could be early maturity or it could be an early sign of SDS.

Northeast Iowa: Mark Mueller

The 1.75 inches of July rain and 2 inches more in August were supplemented by June’s 4.85 inches retained in my no-till/cover-cropped soils. A killing frost may come earlier than our usual mid-October date. Corn is a week behind on heat units and receding further with each passing day. Beans finally canopied, albeit begrudgingly.

West Central: Cale Juergensen

We definitely have some soybeans starting to turn, and the recent rain really helped fill out the pods, too. We had no rain this week, but things still look decent. I think our crop is pretty much what it’s going to end up being. I’m optimistic we will have some good fields, although not what we’ve had recently.

Central: Cole Van Genderen

The cool temperatures and moisture have helped things green up a bit again. The yards are growing. In the field things are maturing. The beans are turning and the 101-day corn is starting to turn. I know at least one farmer who says he may start harvesting this week on some early-planted beans.

East Central: Dave Guthrie

Haven’t had any rain since last Saturday (Aug. 26). The beans are starting to change. On Wednesday, I’m going to chop (corn). Talked to a couple guys that had been in the field, they said “It’s a lot drier than you think is.” The stalks are starting to dry down. A few guys mowed some hay down.

Southwest: Weston Brandt

Things are looking real good. We’ve had no rain but it’s been cool. A lot of guys are chopping silage, and we will probably start next week. The grass is growing again, and a few have been putting up their fourth cutting of hay. I see a few are flying in some cover crop, and most who are chopping silage are following up with rye.

South Central: Alex Brownlee

Not much has changed here this past week. Guys are still chopping corn. The ones who aren’t chopping are getting equipment out of the shed and getting it ready for the harvest. You can see the difference in the fields with good soil this year.

Southeast: Trent Stout

We had 1 inch of rain last week. It’s pretty status quo. Gray spot has been the biggest disease we have seen. A lot of guys got on top of it with fungicide. There’s been some guys seeding alfalfa and chopping corn. Fields are really variable in southeast Iowa.

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