Rain continues to limit planting opportunities

2017-04-19T17:00:00Z Rain continues to limit planting opportunities Illinois Farmer Today
April 19, 2017 5:00 pm

Rain continued to be an issue for Iowa farmers with just three days suitable for fieldwork statewide during the week ending April 16, according to the April 17 USDA Crop Progress report.

Corn planting has been limited as producers have been patiently waiting for warmer and drier soil conditions. Other field activities included CRP burning; anhydrous, manure, and fertilizer applications; and field cultivation where conditions allowed.

Southeast Iowa continues to have the lowest subsoil moisture levels with 30 percent rated short to very short.

Two percent of the state’s expected corn acreage has been planted, five days behind the previous year and three days behind average.

Northwest: Ross Mogler

We got a decent start on our liquid manure last week, and most of the dry is down. We had a half-inch of rain, and it was cloudy and misty most of the time so there wasn’t much fieldwork done. We tried disking, but it was too wet. I’ve heard some corn has been planted, but not a lot. There was a lot of spraying last week, and cover crops are getting terminated as well.

West Central: Cale Juergensen

We had a lot better week than we thought. We were hoping to just get the herbicide down, but we ended up planting about a third of our corn acres. A lot of guys were out planting, and there was quite a bit of spraying and cultivating. Anhydrous applications are wrapping up. We’re planting today (Monday) and should be able to go tomorrow ahead of the rain in the forecast.

Southwest: Weston Brandt

We were rained out for the most part last week. We didn’t have a lot of rain, just enough to keep us out of the field. I’ve heard of some corn planted last week, but not a lot. Our oats are really looking good, and the hay fields are close to a foot tall already. If we miss out on the rain in the forecast, we’ll probably be planting by the end of the week.

North Central: Andy Hill

We had about 1.5 inches of rain in the past week, so not many wheels have turned. There have been guys pulling into what I would call their tune-up fields. They find the driest field and try out their equipment there to make sure everything is ready to go. The rains have been spotty, so it is not as wet in some areas.

Central: Cole Van Genderen

Last week was really busy around here. Quite a few guys started planting. They are also out doing tillage or getting their pre-plant applications done. We did have between 0.7 and 1 inch of rain, but we dodged a few showers here.

South Central: Alex Brownlee

Last week everybody seemed to hit the field. There was anhydrous going on and people doing tillage and all kinds of things. It just seems like everybody is ready to get rolling. We did have maybe an inch of rain, but we also had some really nice weather.

Northeast: Mark Mueller

Five consecutive days with no rain had anhydrous ammonia being applied around the clock. Unfortunately, the infrastructure can’t supply all users simultaneously. I spent half of some beautiful, sunny days sitting idle in the field waiting for transports to show up to replenish supplies. My NH3 plant manager said two-hour lines at the terminal in Garner, combined with twice the usual number of toolbars running, swamped the system.

East Central: Dave Guthrie

It’s wet again. I had an inch and eight-tenths — most of it was Saturday night. Just about dry enough to go for a couple days, then it rained again. I think the rain was pretty spotty around here. There was some anhydrous put on. Got my rye sprayed last week.

Southeast: Trent Stout

We kind of missed a lot of the rain. A lot of it went north. The first guy I know that started planting around here was probably 10 days ago (April 7). About 30 percent started last week. There’s a lot going on today. A lot of cornstalks sprayed.

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