Temps cool but drought area expands in Iowa

2017-08-10T07:00:00Z Temps cool but drought area expands in Iowa Illinois Farmer Today
August 10, 2017 7:00 am

All of Iowa experienced cooler than normal temperatures, and most of the state received below normal precipitation during the week ending Aug. 6, according to the Aug. 7 USDA Crop Progress report.

According to the Aug. 1 U.S. Drought Monitor, Iowa’s region of severe drought expanded to include 16 counties in south central and southeast Iowa.

Ninety-five percent of Iowa’s corn crop has reached the silking stage, five days ahead of the five-year average. Forty-two percent of the corn crop has reached the dough stage, four days behind last year.

Soybeans blooming reached 89 percent, one week behind last year and three days behind average. Two-thirds of soybeans were setting pods, five days behind last year but equal to average.

Northwest: Ross Mogler

We had a 0 percent chance of rain last week and ended up with six tenths of an inch as of this morning. Crops look really good. The cool weather and heavy dew mornings are really helping. Beans look really good too. Most of the fungicide spraying is finished. Soybean aphids are showing up in the western part of the county, so we’ll have to watch for that.

North Central: Andy Hill

It’s been great weather to be a human. The temperatures have been lower and more comfortable. We didn’t get very much rain and our main tile lines are dry. We’ve gotten to the point where the ground is no longer saturated. We’re working on our crop’s savings account now. There is some northern corn leaf blight and a little grey leaf spot, but it varies from field to field.

Northeast: Mark Mueller

Dateline: Ontario. In the corn belt of Canada, “waterlogged” comes to mind. On my drive here, I’ve seen no fields that look half as good as my part of Bremer County. Most corn is stunted and yellow. Beans look worse. Canadian farmers say this is the wettest season in 40 years. Canada grows 10 percent of North American meat and grain, and yet can only nudge Chicago Board of Trade prices 5 percent.

West Central: Cale Jurgensen

Things are looking pretty good. We had six-tenths of an inch of rain last week, and combined with the cooler weather that made for a nice week. The crops are not nearly as stressed as they had been, and that should help with kernel fill. Fungicide spraying is about wrapped up. I haven’t heard of any major insect problems in the area yet.

Central: Cole Van Genderen

We’re still really dry. We did have six-tenths of an inch of rain, but the situation hasn’t improved a whole lot. The corn is looking OK considering the situation but it isn’t going to be a big bumper crop. There is a lot of gray leaf spot in the corn.

East Central: Dave Guthrie

Not much rain last week. A quarter inch or so last Tuesday (Aug. 1). I wouldn’t say we’re hurting yet. It’s just starting to get that time of year — grass is starting to quit growing. I think the crops are looking good. Walking some fields, I almost question whether we should have sprayed for Japanese beetles in corn too. Missing silks in end rows. Hard to justify just spraying the outside of the field though. The beans have got a lot of pods. Still flowering a little.

Southwest: Weston Brandt

We’re hanging in there. We got a few small shots of rain, but only enough to settle the dust. We definitely need some rain to help things out. Fungicide spraying is pretty much done. A few guys are mowing hay, and some will start mowing CRP since they turned that loose. Hopefully we can catch a good rain this week.

South Central: Alex Greenlee

We haven’t had any measurable rain in our area, just drizzles that were enough to settle the dust. The bottom leaves of the corn are starting to drop and turn. The beans are looking OK, but they may be getting hurt more than they show. Our hay hasn’t been too bad, but that is spotty in our part of the state, depending on what you got for rain.

Southeast: Trent Stout

There been fungicide application going on, and some using insecticide on beans. We got some rain last week. Not a ton, just some nice showers. Overall, the crop is looking pretty good. Probably not as good as last year. Obviously the rainfall is spotty. Out west by Harper or Fairfield they got some rain that they desperately needed. Didn’t see any hay cut last week.

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