Upcoming reports could shift corn and bean markets

The March 31 USDA Grain Stocks and Prospective Plantings reports could bring a shift in corn and soybean markets.

March 22, 2017 11:45 am(0)

Report indicates increasing feedlot numbers

Trends in the cattle feeding industry became more clear in the most recent USDA Cattle on Feed report.

March 15, 2017 9:59 am(0)

Downward pressure for soybean prices

There is some downward pressure on the corn and soybean markets these days.

March 15, 2017 9:53 am(0)

Pork belly stocks suggest counter-seasonal pattern

Sharply lower pork belly stocks continue to prompt headlines in the mainstream media.

March 08, 2017 11:30 am(0)

Production costs factor into marketing decisions

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — To market grain profitably in 2017, farmers need to understand production costs and their breakevens, according to panelists at The Great Grain Marketing Debate at Commodity Classic March 2-4.

March 08, 2017 11:26 am(0)

Report shows ‘eager sellers, willing buyers’

The USDA Cattle on Feed report released Feb. 24 said what most expected: There are a lot of cattle out there, and feeders are sending them to the plant as fast as they can.

March 01, 2017 10:50 am(0)

Corn, soybean acres shift in early USDA projections

A shift of around 4 million acres from corn to soybeans could be ahead for U.S. farmers in 2017, based on the USDA’s early projections.

March 01, 2017 10:40 am(0)

Beef industry eyes Japan trade possibilities

A shift in U.S. trade policy has the livestock industry concerned.

February 22, 2017 1:18 pm(0)

Tension with Mexico could weigh on corn prices

With plenty of corn and beans on hand and big South American crops expected, prices likely will stay under pressure. Worries about trade with Mexico put one more weight on the market.

February 22, 2017 1:14 pm(0)