• Blizzard ushers in PEDV

    Blizzard ushers in PEDV

    NOKOMIS — Illinois’ third-worst blizzard in history occurred Jan. 5, 2014. That day, only four of Phil Borgic’s 20 employees made it to work o…

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  • Farmer harvests votes

    Farmer harvests votes

    FITHIAN — Helping his dad on the farm as a child and going to a rally for President Ronald Reagan with his mom eventually led Mike Marron to t…

    October 23, 2014 6:00 am(0)
  • Disease tracking top priority

    Disease tracking top priority

    AMES, Iowa — Diseases can have a huge effect on livestock producers in the United States, and surveillance has become a top priority in recent…

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  • Partnership targets health of soil

    Partnership targets health of soil

    DECATUR — Chase Brown hadn’t really thought much about cover crops on the land he farmed with his father, David, and uncle, Joe, until the dro…

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Network tracking plant pathogens across United States

A network of people is tracking patterns of plant pathogens around the United States.

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Illinois farmer big on drone technology

DWIGHT (AP) — When Dwight farmer Matt Boucher first contacted a Los Angeles firm about buyin…

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Legislative committee taking up fracking

CHICAGO (AP) — Rules for hydraulic fracturing in Illinois are being addressed by an Illinois…

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